Zygomatic Color

Online Color Space Converter

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Step 1: Upload your image and ICC profile

Step 2: Choose options and download

Source profile :

Target color space :

Target profile :

Rendering Intent

  • "Perceptual" treats out-of-gamut color with an appeasement policy at the price of overall quality.

  • "Colorimetric" provides the best result from well-mannered source image. Out-of-gamut color is guilty and will be punished.
  • Leave "Black Point Compensation" and "Ignore Medium Color" enabled if you don't know what they mean. Worthless to learn.

  • "Saturation" is a bonus from The International Color Consortium (ICC) and the profile builder. If other options didn't make you happy, try this.
Output Image Format


  • If you don't have a good printing software, use this. It generates DeviceRGB or DeviceCMYK data.