Zygomatic Color

For SubliNova ink and PBT phone case - Sample ICC profile


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Download and inspect the sample ICC profile

If you use SubliNova ink, MANNIYA’s PBT phone case, Windows, and EPSON 4-color pigment printer

Want to see the quality of Zygomatic Color with your own eyes? Try this ICC profile and evaluation PDF:

Download: sublinova-epson4color-pbt.zip

Look at a glance

The gradation above is printing image. It generates achromatic gradation with SubliNova ink and EPSON PX-105 (Japan model). Other EPSON 4-color pigment printers will work similar, I guess.

Hard to believe? This is real. Print the evaluation PDF.

The gamut is wider than common ink and plain paper. But much narrower than photo paper, as you know.

Make your ICC profile

Do you want an ICC profile for your printing system? Go to For phone case - Build ICC profile online.